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Airstrip Patient Monitoring

AirStrip Patient Monitoring lets healthcare professionals remotely access real-time patient data directly from the hospital and send relevant information to a handheld mobile device. It is meant to be used in hospital environments where doctors need access to critical patient data or regular bedside monitoring data whenever necessary. Their service consists of three key parts: a measuring interface, a web server and a mobile device.

The measuring interface is connected to existing hospital monitoring devices. It reads out and then sends patient data like blood pressure, heart rate and temperature securely over the internet to a web server. The clinician can read this patient data on a mobile device via an app that communicates with the web server.

AirStrip Patient Monitoring offers clinicians a valuable service in that it bundles and presents relevant information of patients in a single app. They can view data trends and receive alerts if something goes wrong, saving plenty of time by only having to launch a single app.

With hundreds of hospitals using AirStrip already, AirStrip Technologies have an experienced point of view on how to achieve what they call 'meaningful mobility' in healthcare. Meaningful mobility is defined by AirStrip Technologies as "native mobile technology that improves clinical decision making at the point of care through data transformation and the secure, real time, and ubiquitous delivery of visually compelling intelligence by incorporating evidence-based medicine and knowledge-based prompts."

AirStrip's definition of meaningful mobility seems to be in tune with our approach towards Meta Products. We strongly believe that products shouldn't be connected just because they can. It all starts with understanding how people build their aspirations and how they perceive the value of new interactions. In this case, the value is clear. Health specialists have immediate access to patient data, without having to meet each patient or scroll through huge numbers of documents. This not only saves them time, but makes their work less error prone, resulting in improvements to the quality of the care service. By focusing on the meaning & value, instead of on mere technological possibilities, Airstrip came up with a product that transforms the way patients are treated.