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Emotiv Epoc

The Emotiv EPOC is a headset that measures brain waves. It is a personal (almost intimate) interface, for human computer interaction. The system is made especially for developers, as it comes with a library of code that you can utilize to build your own applications. It is not a bulky machine with all kinds of wires that you have to wrap around your head, but instead it's very compact, affordable and easy to use. Emotiv EPOC won a Red Dot award for its innovative design.

The possibilities of utilizing the headset are endless, it's really a new interface for working with computers. Besides using a keyboard or mouse, you can now control applications by merely using your thoughts. For example, it's possible to reflect facial expressions in your virtual avatar or control the movement of game characters by measuring your brain waves. It's also possible to perform neurofeedback to steer your brain towards a certain state of activity. There have been experiments linking the headset to a car, thereby making it possible to drive a car with your mind.

The significance of this product is manifold. We now have the ability to control by thinking at our disposal, opening up a whole new range of possible interactions. Also, by providing an easy-to-use software development kit (SDK), developers and scientists can now study brainwaves more easily.

By being relatively affordable, the headset is suitable for a large group of people, from indie game developers to universities, or even curious individuals. You could even think of mobile apps that use the headset as an interface. For example, a stress-relieving app that works in combination with the Emotiv headset for a complete monitoring and training solution for personal use.

This Meta Product is a good example of making use of the new possibilities to retrieve data. If you think about it, all the device does is transform your brain signals into a range of bits and subsequently into meaningful information. In other words, it makes your brain quantifiable, it discloses your brain wave data to a format readable by a computer. Having accomplished that, the EPOC headset is an innovative touchpoint for connecting ourselves to the Cloud and other devices. Which products or applications would benefit from controlling by thinking? What would you like to control with your thoughts?