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What would you say the future internet and communication technologies will bring?

Federico Casalegno

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Internet of Things technologies are bringing us “back to human” in a way, back to our local environment. They reinforce the idea of proximity which is not only machine to machine, but also proximity between humans, their local environment and local information. We are seeing this notion of proximity with locative media, near field communication and so on, bringing people back to the local human dimension. We will remain a global village but now with a strong notion with geo-located media, not remotely. This is not only a technological achievement, it is the fact that humans need to be connected with something that they can understand and is close to them so they can touch and manipulate it.

Frido Smulders

Delft University of Technology

New technologies can turn potentially everything into data, but the key is of course to interpret this data. So this is what will put pressure on how the world works, we will have to build data-squeezing skills and get smart interpretations of the sea of data. The fact that we get information in real time allows people to react faster to the information, and to see how others react. If the information is somewhat sensitive for a particular group of people, this group now has the platform to react and organize themselves in a faster way than it used to do. Internet will promote even more cohesion between smaller groups of people.

Jeroen van Geel


It will bring a mobile generation, with Augmented Reality, being able to put an extra layer of interaction over everything around us. Next to that, it will bring multitouch personal informatics, we find it ever more important to get personal data. The touchpoints (points of interaction) are changing per client. All we have to do is keep an open mind and recognize the touchpoints and after that see how things come together. The web experience is just blending in our daily lives.

Anne Lise Kjaer

Kjaer Global

Cloud computing has and is transforming our digital reality. As data and applications move from the desktop to the Cloud, information becomes accessible anywhere, enabling collaboration with distributed teams. Engaging with people via crowdsourcing, social networks and smart apps is now a top priority for senior marketers worldwide. Personal customization of everything is an expected standard. We are always on and ready to participate. From music, fashion and search results to blogs — we are not just observers, but contributors and producers as well.