This website lets you dip into the world of Meta Products. But why not take the full dive by ordering the real thing? The book gives a comprehensive story about Meta Products and explains Network Focused Design (NFD) in the most detailed way.


  • First book that targets product designers, interaction designers and design strategists on the exciting topic of connecting physical products to the web.
  • Many expert interviews from both commercial and academic worlds.
  • Many illustrated cases of pioneer projects.
  • Includes an approach for designing Meta Products yourself.
  • Useful for both industry professionals and students.
This book is one of the first to address the challenges of creating experiences in an ecology of people, products and services. It provides the context, history and key ideas of Meta Product design using great quotations and witty illustrations. — MIKE KUNIAVSKY (AUTHOR OF SMART THINGS, UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN)